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Curtain and Roller Shades Pairing?

Picture this scenario, a couple wants to redo the window treatment for their dull condo. One likes blinds and shades for its many functions and simplicity. Another like curtains for its elegances and soft feel. This is a fight waiting to happen if they only think they need to choose one or the other.

On another note, have you ever wanted to redo the window treatments for your dull living room but cannot decide which is better? Roller Shades for a nice crisp modern look or stylish soft curtains with many wavy lines.

The window treatment industry has change very much over the last couple of years with new innovations and trends. There are many new fabrics choices and system options that can help both choices blend together in prefect harmony. When paired together the two can bring an elegance décor with added functions of light control and privacy. The pairing is the ideal window treatment solution combine both function and style. Here are a couple of guidelines from Thai Shades that can help you get the right look for this pairing.

B-(Blinds) Before C-(Curtains)

When pairing curtains and blinds, it is best to choose the type or system of blinds or shades first. The best options that we recommend pairing with curtains are Roller Shades and Timber Blinds. These blinds will put functions into your window space. They come in options with light filtering, room darkening, and total block-out. Please pay attention when selecting the color tones for these blinds. 

If you want to go with a natural look, we suggest Timber Blinds because they come in many solid wood colors that add a nice warm base background to your window. You can contrast the base wood color with any offsetting color tones. If matching is your thing, you can also choose matching curtain fabrics to enhance your wood tones.

 Choices for curtains can either be sheer or dimout fabrics. Since Timber Blinds does most of the UV blocking already, you don’t need to go with another solid fabric.

It's best to go with a solid or plain color curtain as it's pairing and vice versa. Whichever layer you choose as the print pattern, it will be your centerpiece for this space. The other layer should be ready to complement it but not contrast it. Having 2 layer as print might be a bit overpowering in a room.

Mix and Matching is Wonderful

When matching shades or blinds with curtains it's encouraged to mix and match. If you want your shades to stand out, use vibrant colors or special privacy functions. Match it with simple wavy curtains on each side to make your blinds look like the centrepiece.

If you want your curtains to stand out, use vibrant textures and patterns. Keep the shade as a functional background giving you extra privacy as needed anytime of the day. When playing with patterns, choose one color from your pattern and use it as your solid color for the other layer.

Go Higher and Wider

When done right, this pairing can change the perception of your window or door space, therefore making your window space seem bigger and grander. 

The proper way to do this is first to install the roller shades above or inside its mounted area. Then install the curtains 20cm above it or from the ceiling down, covering the roller shade completely. The same concepts are done with the width of the curtain. Make it wider to cover both sides of the shade.

Most people think that window treatments are the least important in-home decoration. However, when done right, it can make or break the whole room décor. Yes, furniture and accessories set up the overall theme of the decor, but it’s your window treatment that adds warmth by breathing color into your room. The pairing of shades and curtains will make your window space look stunning and work hard for you too.

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