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How to choose the right shades for your condo?

There are many types of shading available in the Market in Thailand. Before you choose your window shades for your condo, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Modern Styles

When searching for the ideal shades for your condo windows, the array of designs and textiles available can be overwhelming.

Opting for modern shades that align with the latest fashion trends can elevate the ambiance and atmosphere of your condo significantly.

Given that many newly built condos in Thailand boast modern and eco-friendly designs, it's wise to select shades that complement this aesthetic.

Window decoration isn't merely functional; it's a crucial aspect of room décor. Therefore, choosing the right window shade can not only enhance your condo's theme but also add depth and dimension to your overall room décor.

Pantones, Pantones and Pantones…

Colour selection plays a pivotal role in choosing the right shade for your condo. Since many condos boast light or white interiors, opting for a contrasting colour scheme is essential.

Consider hues like black, navy, grey, or vibrant tones for optimal effect. Dark colours offer numerous advantages; they absorb more heat from your windows, ensuring better insulation for your room while effectively blocking direct UV rays.

Additionally, the straight edges of Roller Blinds provide an excellent canvas for patterned designs.

 Choosing a printed pattern can accentuate your room's décor and add dimension, as the full pattern remains visible when the blinds are fully extended.

Quality over Price

Many modern condos feature limited windows and doors, making the need for shades quite frequent. It's crucial to invest in high-quality shades for your daily use to ensure longevity and durability.

Selecting shades with durable fabrics is paramount; the better the quality, the longer they'll last in your condo. 

Therefore, prioritize superior quality over cheaper, do-it-yourself options found in department stores when making your selection.

Budget and Price

As mentioned previously, pre-made shades available at local department stores may seem convenient, but they might not offer the best solution for your condo. 

These shades typically come in universal sizes, which may not precisely fit your windows, leading to a loose or awkward fit.

 Additionally, the fabric and system quality could be lower grade, resulting in the need for replacement sooner than expected.

At Thai Shades, we provide a different approach. We offer a warranty on all our shades and ensure that you receive the best fabrics and systems for every shade. 

Our shades are crafted directly at our factory and shipped to you with your customizations, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your condo and top-notch quality for your daily use.

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