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Motorised Roller Shades
Comfortable, Easy and Intelligent

Easy to use!

You’ve already got blinds, shades, or curtains in your home, so why not switch to motorized window treatments?
Use the included remote control or smart connectivity from your phone or home automation system to adjust the motorized blinds without getting up.
Thai Shades' motorized shades are easy to install without electrical wiring, are highly energy-saving, and the high-endurance battery can run up to six months on a single charge.


Easy to Install 
with No Electrical Wiring Required
Perfectly Customized with
Remarkable Design
Rechargeable Battery
Energy Saving
Auto Set
Wireless Remote Control
Bluetooth Pairing 
Operational Control
via Smartphone App

Add our Motorized shades to your home automation system.

Connect the motorized shades with your smartphone or home automation via the Tuya Smart application that allows you to adjust the settings conveniently.

"Auto Set System"
Our motorized shades will automatically memorize the latest position and get back to the original alignment according to the setup parameter after restarting the motor when the battery runs out.

Product Specifications

Product model
Max. height
≤ 2.5 M
Available width
0.3 m - 1.8 m
Max. weight fabric
≤ 2 Kg.
Related voltage
7.4 V
Battery capacity
220 mAh
Rated speed
25 rpm
Noise level
36 dB

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