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Terms & Conditions

  1. Price and Payment
    1. Price will be subtotaled and totaled on the checkout page with tax applied. A preview of the price can be seen on the order form page. If there is a delivery charge, it will be shown in the details of the checkout page. In some cases of special packaging or special sizes, there might be some extra charges. Before any extra charges that can be applied, our representative will notify you via email or chat and will need your confirmation before being applied. The order is confirmed once, both sides confirm. Payment is confirmed once you confirm the order and submit checkout and choose your payment methods. We will honor all errors on our website, including price, quotation, invoice and order acknowledgement without liability. 
  2. Ordering
    1. We prefer you do all ordering through our user-friendly online ordering platform. This is the most simple and easy way to order with us. However, we understand that in some cases you might prefer some other method that is more convenient to you(chat, email or phone).  Once the order is inquired via these channels, we will send you a confirmation email of your order inquiry. Once we send you an email of your confirmed order, this is a binding contract of your order of Goods with us(the Contract). 
  3. Products
    1. All products are displayed to the best of our knowledge on our website with the best possible technology and design possible. We understand that in some cases the colors might be off because of different viewing platforms(mobile, iPad, Computer or etc…) We do not make any alterations to falsify the authenticity of the product. Whether it’s the texture of the fabric or the color of our tracks, we want to show you all details of our product as if you were to see them in person. Our fabrics are made in batches and in some cases, there might be some small discrepancies between batches. These discrepancies are all within industry standards and therefore we cannot guarantee for these samples will be exactly what you have ordered. Since your confirmed order cannot be returned, you must be sure that you can tolerate these minor small dots or color variations between batches and your final order. 
    2. In addition, we recommend you use our free samples service. If you are not fully sure of the color you are ordering, you can save your order and request free sample fabrics from us. Once you receive our sample, you can go back to your saved order and confirm the order with us. 
  4. Delivery
    1. Once the order is confirmed by both sides, we will arrange delivery according to the delivery address you have listed in your ordering form. The delivery date will be notified in your confirmation order email. Usually, we will deliver your order no more than 20 days since the original order date. The delivery time will be strictly dependent on your location and product type. An order by the same account but to another address might subjected to different delivery timeframe. Products like Wooden Blinds will take longer to produce than Roller Shades and will take more time to deliver to you. 
  5. Stocks
    1. If there is NO stock for the design or color you selected, we will contact you right away to suggest an alternate solution to your choice. If you cannot agree with our suggestions, we will accept cancellation of the order. 
  6. Cancellations
    1. By Buyer: Our Shades are custom made and tailored to your exact specs and sizes. Therefore, you are unable to cancel your order once your order has been accepted by us. However, we want you to have the most positive experience from our services. For some cases we know that might have a change of mind or would like to make some changes to your order. If this is the case, please contact us as soon as possible at customercare@umim83.sg-host.com. Our representative will help you by either stopping production asap, apply for some discount if production is already finished but not yet shipped. The solution might be different per scenario and cannot be guaranteed. 
    2. By Us: We reserve the right to cancel or reject any order per we see fit.  Reason might be the following:
      1. You requested sizes or specs that are not possible by specifications. (we will definitely contact you and notify you and try our best to work out a better solution). Maybe suggest to you which are the best possible choices for your inquiry. 
      2. If you are ordering outside of Thailand or from an area that we cannot provide delivery to. 
      3. Any pandemic, weather or political event that might affect manufacturing, delivery or sourcing.
  7. Defective Goods
    1. We advise you to inspect your product thoroughly upon receival as soon as possible to check for damages. Damages or missing parts due to shipping must be reported no more than 5 days of receival of product. Please email us at customercare@umim83.sg-host.com. We do not cover damages due to wear and tear over use of time or misuse. Damages that are caused due to shipping or delivery processes can be negotiated and, in some cases,, we will re-make your product, but not guarantee. Please send us a detailed photo and describe what is your problem for us to better help you. 
  8. Measurements
    1. We will not guarantee any faulty measurement made by you. We have provided a video of how to measure certain shades on our website. You must be sure of your measurements before you place the order. However, if after viewing our how to measure video, you need more guidance for exact measurements, we welcome you to use our online chat service or email us with pictures of requirements. We will be happy to help you better make the best possible measurements for your windows or space. 
  9. Warranty
    1. We warranty our shades for 12 months against manufacturing defects or faulty assembly.  However, the warranty does not cover if its damage due to misuse or lack of maintenance. The warranty does not cover for wear and tear over time. Thai Shades fully inspects every set before it leaves our factory for size and specifications. However, if your shade was made not according to your specifications, we will gladly remake (According to your original sales order) and reship the corrected shade to you right away at no additional cost to you. 
    2. If any shades are defective within the warranty period, please contact us and provide a description of the defect. Claims that are not accepted:
      1. Misuse
      2. Negligence
      3. Poor or Faulty Installation
      4. Improper Cleaning
      5. Normal wear and tear over usage time
    3. Once the defective blinds claim is accepted by us, you can send the shade back to us and we will repair the goods to its maximum condition as we see fit or in some cases gladly send you a new replacement free of charge.
    4. The Warranty is Non-Transferable
  10. How to claim your Warranty
    1. Please send us an email at customercare@umim83.sg-host.com with photos or videos of your faulty product. Please also provide written description of the problem or defect. We will review the claim within 1 week. Once we have decided your claim is valid. We will immediately send the replacement component or the whole product. In some cases, we will also need you to send the defective product back to our office for inspection. This will help us improve our product and process to better serve you again. Shipping cost will be covered by us.  
  11. Events beyond our control
    1. Although we strive to provide you with the best possible experience from using our services and buying our products, we will not be liable to delayed production and delivery due to the following circumstances:
      1. Weather catastrophe(Flooding, Tsunami and tropical storms)
      2. Pandemic events (Health and safety protocols)
      3. Protest or strikes due to political or economic events.
  12. Privacy Policy
    1. You are acknowledged and agree to bound to our terms policy.