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Top Window Shade Trends for 2024

What are the top window treatment trends for 2024?

This year they range from cordless motorized shades to retro floral and vintage prints. Another trend is natural fabrics like wicker and bamboo.

Let’s discuss a bit about each trend so you can have a better understanding before you begin your journey for the best upgrade of your window space.

Trend 1 – Motorized Shades

Almost most window treatments nowadays can be made motorized.

Motorizing shades and curtains are most suitable for high windows or hard to reach areas. However, some people just motorize shades just for the cool factor. Once motorized, they can integrate into their smart home via Google home, Alexa or OEM devices.

Once integrated, many home automations features can be activated like setting scenes, which lets you set specific times your window blinds will open or close. Other features include voice control or remote control when you are not home. 

One of the most important features of motorizing your shade is that it makes it cordless, therefore ideal for child safety. There is no more loose cord or chain which could cause child choking hazards and danger.

Trend 2 – Retro Designs, Graphic Printing

This trend evokes décor fashion and turns your window treatment into décor centerpiece. Designs like nostalgia prints or even floral prints will bring life into any dull room. 

We recommend going for plain wall setting without any patterns before you take this trend into consideration. 

Having a plain wall setting will turn your printed shade into a work of art at every window or door setting. Mixing and matching color is highly recommended like light wall and blue floral shades. Dark wall color to Ivory graphic designs color shading.

Trend 3 - Natural Fibers

Natural fibers are making a comeback for 2024. Materials like wicker, linen and Juke are most popular for people who want to add warm and dimensions into their room. These materials are available in various colors from light ivory to darker green and earth tones.

 The main concept for using natural fibers for your window shade is to enhance the light that comes in with added texture and dimensions. Its usually used for room where more light is needed. We should stay away from natural fibers for rooms that need room darkening or blackout options.

 There are various choices between different types of shading that can be made with these materials. Some of the most popular types are Roman Shades made from natural material. Roman Shades are soft folding fabric that can either be looped or flat. Other options are roller shades and panel fabrics.

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