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What are Combi Shades (Zebra Shades / Double Roller Blinds)

If you like a multifunctional window treatment solution that is both innovative and trendy then Combi Shades is the choice for you. 

With Combi Shades you can have both a blackout solution and a translucent all option in the same window treatment.

About Combi Shades

Combishades are an innovation initially from South Korea and date back to 2012. 

Fabrics are woven together in a horizontal ladder pattern. When fully assembled into roller blind components, the effects give a wave silhouette when the cord is pulled during operation.

Versatile and Practical all in 1

The main features of Combi Shades are that it has a relatively flat surface with three main settings:

1 - Open

2 - Closed

3 - Up 

Compared to only two main settings for normal Roller Shades. There are many fabric options to choose from for both light-filtering and room-darkening fabrics. It can easily coordinate with room furnishings according to your décor. 

The weight is much less than for the same size Combi Shade compared to normal Roller Shades, making it easier to operate. 

When in open mode, you can enjoy full-time privacy because it has an added sheer layer attached to the same fabric. In closed mode, room darkening to blackout is applied to the room, giving you full UV protection. 

The shade is usually treated for anti-static, and no cleaning is required due to its design.

Combi Shades are Beautiful.

Compared to normal Roller Shades, Combi Shades are simply more aesthetically appealing. 

They have sleek, clean lines and add more dimension to room décor. There is no need to choose different textures or patterns; 

Combi Shades add extra room appeal, no matter which colors you choose to enhance your room theme.

What’s the difference between Thai Shades Combi Shades vs. other Zebra Shades?

Thai Shades works in partnership with South Korean suppliers, who are the original manufacturers and patent owners of Combi Shades. 

We ensure that every Combi Shade set you order from us is of the best quality, guaranteeing an enhancement in the value of your home. 

Along with value-added products, we also provide you with our best possible before and after-sales services.

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